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New Year's Horses: what to do, not according to the tradition of China


We have already told you about 20 civilians receiving the New Year 2018 and attracting luck. But they apply the inverse formula in Chinese culture and they have some tips, afraid of the fortunes that are initially beginning, according to the Infobae site.

This is a list of what's not New Year, according to the Chinese tradition:

1. Do not fight

Arguing the light or disagreement keeps the festive spirit.

2. Do not correct or cancel

Prevent penalties and corrections for children without having to argue for a year.

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3. Do not use scissors or knives

Hate, risk, and people will cut the lives of those who use these items. Chinese traditions do not recommend this day, and if you need to do it, it's best to eat one day a day and eat fresh food.

4. Do not break the lazy

It's wretched to have a plate, cup or a bucket split. Throughout the year it brings money. If this happens, you will need to collect all the pieces and store them in a container.

5. Do not dispose of garbage or sweat

In the new year, collecting or growing rubbish bags goes against domestic prosperity and luck.

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6. Do not nap

This will prevent fatigue and laziness throughout the year.

7. Do not wash your hair

It's a good fortune to keep up.

8. Do not use white or black

Chinese culture is linked to death (that is, contrary to what we do in Latin America and commits itself to neglecting white blood in the new year).

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9. Do not eat meat or cereals

New year goddesses are vegetarian and it will be unpleasant if it is not a diet. In addition, the basic food of the eastern small classes foresees a lack of prosperity.

10. Do not give up things 4

It has one or a number. In Chinese tradition, the four numbers act like "death."

11. Do not name who will wake you up on the first day of the year

That way, in twelve months, it will create excessive dependence.

12. Avoid medication you no longer need

If it is not essential, it attracts weaknesses and illnesses.

13. Do not wash clothes

It is considered a year of the god of water and it will make you dirty.

14. Do not lose things

You have to avoid loss of things and do not seek. They symbolize money loss in the year.

15. Do not cut or cut the nails

The cuts involve contact with the person who paines it.

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