Monday , January 24 2022

New York Influenza Child Is Killed – Univision 41 New York


The New Jersey Department of Health has received a confirmation of a pediatric death notification from the flu for the first time this grip season in New Jersey.

Children, in the middle of the state, dead at the end of December, and for medical privacy, the Department will not provide any additional information.

Dr Shereef Elnahal, Health Commissioner, said: "I am very sad with the small children's family, who has lost an unbelievable loss".

The New Jersey Department of Health recommends that people should take the necessary measures because there is a high level of flu activity throughout the state. In addition to being vaccinated, it is essential to wash or disinfect your hands when you tighten or tighten your mouth, even if you are sick from the home from the health clinic.

Neighbors can find vaccinations around vaccines around them by calling their local health department or visiting

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