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Newell's Deputy Director of Old Boys: Gonzalo Espinoza is very interested in us

Rosarino cast leader, Cristian D & Amico, wants to be the Chilean University steering wheel services.

Vice President Newell's Old Boys, Cristian D & Amico, Confess about conversation Out Cooperative with whom they are trading Chile University steering wheel Gonzalo Espinoza

In this regard, Rosarino cast leader said the national midfielder "It is a player who is mindful, what interests us The first one knows his career and the Argentinean football, so the adaptation process would not be the case. It's a player who demands our coach and we want to play Newell's Old Boys. "

"Bulldog" moved to Trans-Andeeta football, and played at clubs Racing de Avellaneda, Arsenal de Sarandí and All Boys.

With respect to the negotiation of the Blues player, Amico said that "he is helping to show interest in the player of Newell, but the last word that the economy will have is the same, the doors are open, He is interested in being able to be at Newell, and in that way, they are the owners of the pass. "

"Playing in Newell is a good team to show players in different markets, because we always see the rest of the world, that's why I will say that there will be a lot of players, "the coach added.

In spite of the deadline, he indicated the vice president "leprosy" "Newell must resolve before January 3, We have closed our strengths on the day we start our prejudices ".

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