Saturday , January 29 2022

Nicolás Gavilán and Daniela won between King Reyes in Pasapalabra


Nicolás Gavilán won the new chapter of "Pasapalabra" against Daniela King Reyes, for a super-metric $ 86 million dollars.

Participants reached the final match, which was a very different time. The blue captain of Daniela King Reyes got a total of 125 seconds, accompanied by the journalist Andrés Alemparte and deputy Pamela Jiles.

The captain of the Nicolás Gavilán team arrived 129 seconds with Cata Vallejos, a Chilevisión news communicator and consultant Pablo Maltés.

Although the musical student is not Rosco, he won the chapter and returned to the 88 million contest #PasapalabraCHV next.

In the detail, revive the last end of the final clip.

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