Thursday , February 9 2023

Nissan has been named president after being arrested by Carlos Ghos


TOKYO (AP) – Nissan Wednesday, President Carlos Ghosn fired in two decades of Japan, including gross corrupt allegations, false income reports and misuse of company assets.

During a meeting that lasted for a few hours, the board of directors unanimously voted for Ghos and its managing director, Nissan Motor Co., in a statement.

A few days before, he was voted by his ally, Renault, as executive director, but was appointed Operating Director Thierry Bollore.

Greg Kelly, who was arrested for suspecting his crime, will be shot as representative director, as reported by Nissan. Replacements will be decided later, he added.

Ghosn suspects reported $ 44.6 million in sales from 2011 to 2015, according to Tokyo prosecutors.

The Board of Directors consists of nine members, including Ghosn and Kelly. They voted in the other seven meetings, two Nissan members and two Renault.

For the moment, shareholder decision will be left at Ghosn and Kelly. There was no date for this meeting.

Ghosn, 64, is also the president of Mitsubishi Motors Corp., a smaller Japanese automaker that joins the Renault-Nissan alliance. The company said it would organize a meeting committee next week.

Since they were detained on Monday, Ghosn and Kelly have been in a detention center in Tokyo.

According to Japanese law, 20-day arrests may be detained without official post. Additional charges can be made by creating longer arrests. So far no one has been accused.

If convicted, the maximum penalty punishable by financial fraud and commercial law is 10 years in prison, 10 million yuan ($ 89,000) or both.

A French citizen born in Brazil, Ghos became the Japanese corporate supercomputer for Nissan Recovery, after the failure, when Renault helped it in 1999.

Kelly, 62, United States joined Nissan in 1988. Became a Board of Directors in 2012. His profile is in human resources and allied management.


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