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No one is charged at US $ 1,586 million in the US lottery: this would happen with this money. | international


The fragile binder balance is made up of 300 prices, with 90 private or 5-seater aircrafts, such as Air Force One's refusal to receive the award. The winner of the US Mega Millions prize, which is undoubtedly the most expensive incident in the past year, has not yet received a $ 1,558 million prize.

They are much more expensive than artwork, gem or treasure, those who are afraid or cautious, which are not yet accumulated, would put them in the ranking of the richest places in the world.

Winner Up to the 21st of April 2019But the money that participated in the draw was distributed among 44 states of the North American countries.

Where do you want to save the card?

You need the steel nerves to keep up the normal lifestyle of your life, somewhere in your home, in a safe bank or secretly hidden, you have earned $ 1,586 million.

That's why, all over the world, including Chile, has thousands of awards for the most prestigious prize-winning awards in history. And we mentioned that in Chile, precisely in that country 60,000 tickets were sold September and October, while the prize has been accumulated.

Through a website called, thousands of Chileans participated in the hope of becoming one of the richest in the world, thousands of thousands returning to the present portal. Currently, Powerball and the United States Mega Millions have a $ 300 million limit, which will allow Chilean 2019 as a multinational, three times richer than Leonardo Farkas or rich as Don Francisco.

How does the service work?

Thousands of Chilean mobile workers are called LOTTER, and the Internet portal that operates in more than 100 years is 17 years old, by means of the European Union.

This unique portal can be purchased on behalf of its users, tickets linked to 50 lottery around the world.

When they use someone else's platform, they must select the numbers and lotteries they want to apply for a card, to pay the original card value plus the commission for the payment, for which the Lotter's representative will buy the official card in a legitimate store and scan it, see the online user and check the card purchased. to give it up

Purchase process takes a few minutes and, in a few hours, the scanned document already appears in the user's account.

What happens when someone has won?

In order to be a winner, the website corresponds to the paid travel expenses to claim the original lottery ticket, together with a paid lawyer to receive the prize.

It should be noted that when the user does not receive a travel visa, Lotario transfers money and transfers the person who guesses the number of the bank account.

Aliens can win US lotteries

Note that American standards are clear and no one prohibits foreigners from winning a lottery, because, in the long run, what interests the government paying taxes and that is why you do not need a Residential or social security number, what is the money associated to lottery representatives? in the official card.

The essential proofs to win foreign lotteries are news published by NBC, CNN and Fox news channels. Here, and its messaging service are mentioned.

Additionally, in the company's winners portfolio, you can see eight stories of friends, including last year's $ 30 million American woman who won the Florida lottery and a 3-year-old Iraqi schoolgirl. Oregon won the lottery jackpot. They did not allow their feet to enter the United States.

Next drawings

Next Mega Millions will be drawn and the United States Powerball is Friday and Saturday respectively. Each of the lenders awards prizes of $ 300 million and anyone in Chile can participate through, with any payment made with MasterCard, Visa or Diners.

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