Friday , July 1 2022

#NoLoDejesPasar: 35 femicides and 104 women who have been frustrated


Within the framework International Day Against Women Against ViolenceThe Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Isabel PláHe promoted the campaign #NoLoDejesPasar, it will attempt to create "tolerance 0" for women's acts of breach and disability.

According to the data of this Ministry, they have been registered so far 35 Femiacides and 104 Femiacides Broken in 2018 compared to 2017 in the national territory, with 44 women and 115 frustrated. However, according to the same data, women have, for an average 7 years, been victims of intrafamous violence.

For that The eradication of gender violence, derived from non-normalized and non-interpreted behaviorIt has been published by the Ministry of Women Twitter #NoLoDejesPrestable slogan protectionable downloadable commitment.

Documents "Create sites for discussion and information needed, to take part in practices and to associate them with the deserved desires, "continues"It's urgent that it unites us, that is why we will not leave this establishment We will totally exclude the violence against women".

For his part, the Secretary General of the Government, Cecilia PérezHe signed up #NoLoDejesPasar and published the video clip: "There is no abuse in our country, no irresponsibility or harm to women. "

The Minister said "to match the court"We're not just moving between" men and women. " Pololeo will punish violence, but also Universal Cradle Room Project and the conjugal society to end discrimination ".

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