Monday , October 18 2021

Now, Karen Bejarano is the turn


Although TVN's Morning Very Good Morning resigned, Karen Bejarano did not stop connected to her social networks.

As Gala Kardiola did a few days ago, she greatly shocked her face after being completely shared with an image of nature.

"This is my face clean, my eyes are not decorative," he wrote next to his postcard that he was fascinated by his fans.

After publishing more than 15,000 "liked", his fans praised it.

"Beautiful"; "With a beautiful and beautiful makeup, you will see your beauty, I'm missing out on the morning, but it's probably something better. Hard love"; "Pretty look … your face is clean … natural"; "You look pretty Karen, because you're a really beautiful woman"; "How spectacular, I love, great Karen," he received some messages.

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