Sunday , May 16 2021

Nubian X and farewell

Nostalgia and final hours in NES 2019, delivery 11 the most attractive showcase of the technology fair It's more interesting. The Onecero team works well with a very active week, with the latest Matuk and Pontón names. However, the corridors of the Convention Center are vacant.

# CES2019 The most attractive gadgets (Part 10): Apple trolling and future cars

Here we have everything, the 3D Steel Tool multi-language keyboard (yes, as you've heard it). Additionally, it can have the best marketing lights, to transmit Bluetooth sound effects to Bluetooth connectivity.

But Nubia X, a mobile phone with full screen and dual screen in front and in the background, we would discover a revolutionary cell phone from this subsidiary ZTE. What I already told you.

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