Monday , June 5 2023

Nutrien will auction its SQM shares next Monday and mark the end of a era


In the local market, the most recent business year has been updated and updated.

Yesterday, at noon, Canadian Nutrition Company (Potash Corpa tracking) is registered in Santiago Bolsas, an A shares auction of 62 million SQM, which represents almost 24% ownership. And the operation was launched on Monday, March 3, at 9:15 p.m., in the country's main stock exchange wheelchair.

This package must be purchased by Chinese Tianqi, which will mark a milestone: Nutrien will leave the SQM property for 15 years. There, he will nominate members of the commission and take part in the company's decision and take part in the Asian company's participation.

This transaction, conducted by Banchile Corredores de Bolas, will be at least $ 65, so the expected amount will be $ 4,066 million.

Thus, it is not surprising that this talk-traded operation will be sealed.

Compliance program

The National Court of Defense (FNE) and Tianqi approved the agreement for the acquisition of SQM at the beginning of October at the beginning of a new negotiation.

According to the PULSO published in October, this project has been designed in accordance with the project called China and Chile, due to the execution of the protocol agreed upon by Tianqi FNE and compromises unlawful coordination between management. two companies

One of the most important protection details relates to the exchange of illegal information related to the lithium market where both companies are the world's largest players.

Thus, the sources they know about the process are prepared for the next year: in April 2019, it will take three SQM directors named Tianqi, after which China will have 60 calendar days to submit their proposal to a board. Chilean mining company.

This process is more important than the TDLC resolution and is the decision of the TDLC. It should be taken into account that this new step is being addressed, primarily, in the free competition of corporations and lawyer specialized in law.

In this context, the Pampa group, which represents the interests of Julio Poncer, can be improved through the cascading companies that control SQM, from its point of view – the terms of the agreement were approved by Tianqi SQM.

History of combat

In May of this year, the agreement between Nutrien and Tianqi was announced, whereby the former bought the SQM.

The following month, the FNE announced that it would open an investigation to evaluate the possible impacts of free competition that could lead to this operation. This, after the claims presented by the senator Corfo and Alejandro Guillier.

Thus, the transaction was frozen when the investigation expanded. Simultaneously, by the end of August, the FNE stated that Tianqi had reached an agreement not reached, and set various measures to alleviate the risks posed by free competition.

The measures are: Tianqi will not select directors, directors or members of the SQM management team, nor will the Chinese company or its managers influence or participate in the benefit of Tianqi or the interests of the company. Chilean mining.

Subsequently, the agreement was granted to the TDLC for approval. In the middle of it, in September, allegations were made, where the Pampa group opposed the agreement.

However, the TDLC approved an agreement in October, after which the Pampa group was in charge, but again the attempts were abolished.

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