Monday , January 25 2021

Official Stabbed Carabineros Station – national

Official Stabbed Carabineros Central Station

At least two criminals attacked as uniforms, hospitalized in the hospital hospital. TVN


a He broke the official carabineros in town Central station While he was going to his police unit.

According to the police record, Even at least two criminals approached waiting for the locomotion that was joining Alameda and Concón.

The individuals attacked the sergeant with knives, who were injured three times a year ago.

The criminals fled the service plate, wallet and official phone. However, the carabiners did not remove a weapon.

The official was transferred to the institutional hospital, but in severe conditions, but at a risk of life.

The Carabineros Zigoristika Laboratory staff (Labocar) was found to be the head of the attackers' offices.


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