Monday , October 18 2021

Often frequency and intensity increase during the winter season


MEXICAN CITY (EL UNIVERSAL) .- Sleep apnea syndrome and obstructive snoring have been depleted during the coldest months, as the frequency and severity of daytime respiratory illness has increased as a result of many factors, such as a higher probability of hiring a typical cold winter.

This situation causes inflammation of the throat tissues and with it Increase the intensity of snoring and his complications, Dr. Reyes Haro Valencia, director of the Institute for Integrated Sleep Medical Mexico (IMMIS).

Dark and cold

Reducing the sun's hours or night temperatures are the mechanisms of these sleep natural inductors (darkness and hypothermia) you can not sleep well, but that is not always the case.

They should also say Reyes Haro Take into account the symptoms of depressionBecause it can be the first warning sign of sleep disorder, and when it is controlled it improves humor.

Sleeping or a continuous holiday to go to bed and bed, the biological clock is misunderstood and causes sleep disorders In the sleep phase, as a delayed syndrome, it causes a great difficulty in adaptation when returning to traditional rhythms.

Penetrating Reduction Recommendations

Too much calorie intake of food intake

The usual weight affects this season as you earn. It is important to moisturize the body during the day and eat in small measurements, especially when it is too late.

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages

Excessive alcohols do not cause the sleep quality and depth, but helps you gain weight. Moderation in the celebration time is good enough to keep sleepy.

Reduction in tobacco use

Burning causes irritation and inflammation of the respiratory system, resulting in a situation that increases the risk of respiratory illness, and so it saturates sleep.

The rooms take care of the temperature

It is important to use several beds in the bed to avoid spills coming from the sun.

In the end, Reyes Haro said that for many seasonal temptations, and for many reasons, when it's sleepy that day, it's very important to reach 2019 with a healthy and healthy sleeping.

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