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Omar Merlo Colo Colo's alternative is Matías Zaldivia

Argentinian Argentinian did not have any offer, but Cacique's patch was defended by Mario Salas, defender of Huachipato and Sporting Cristal.

Matías Zaldíiev's representative warned him: Colo Colo is well, the contract is up to 2021, but it was calculated the following days You can formalize some offers abroad abroad.

And that is still not the case, They talked about the three Cubans that are preparing their formal proposal in Mexico He is presented to Cacique and, therefore, plays for the defender.

That's why Mario Salas has a B plan: if you go to Zaldibia, Colo Coloqui has the folder Omar Merlo, well-known commander.

Salas directed Huaxipatori Merlo He always asked for a Catholic university, but they never took it. He got there Sporting Cristal and immediately came the request, where Renzo Revoredo double the double was the base of the great campaign.

The former Akerero was the player who added more minutes to Cristal, He played 42 matches in more than 3,000 years. In addition, the Chilean plus is nationalized before leaving for a northern country.

However, this option would be activated only if Zaldivika is released, Merlo also had the opportunity to revamp Julio Barroso But the Admiral signed two more years.

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