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On the brink of Sears settlement; They will close 80 more stores

Sears 80 will close shops because of the total settlement.

Retail icons, that is, once a string shops senior mayor United States, Friday, Friday, as a period for the receipt of tenders for the rest of the establishments, to avoid being completely closed.

Chains began as a post sales catalog of the 1880s, plunged into a downward trend in the downturn, caused by great recession, and then overwhelmed by both the physical and online competitors.

In the 80s shops They will be closed in March, which will be added to 182 establishments that will be closed, among them 142 at the end of 2018 and 40 more at the end of February. The company declared the bankruptcy in October, saying at that time that it had closed more than 20% of its facilities and only kept 500 active outlets active.

Sears It is also managed by Holdings Corp. Kmart, puts a list of retail sales that it places, depending on the risk-bearing funds weighing imposed.

Eddie Lampert's dangerous director at the finish line, Sears It has got some time to get rid of some shops and sells brand-name brands.

Lampert, the company's president and principal shareholder, lent his money and made agreements to keep the company and earn profits from the ESL risk fund. Lampert and ESL are trying to buy the rest Sears $ 4 billion in cash and shares of $ 600 million.

But at 4:00 a.m. In the East, no one had made an official offer. Sears commented

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