Sunday , May 9 2021

On the other side of the moon, China Probe has international technology and the operation has already begun

The scientific experiments are already underway with the support of Germany, Russia and the Netherlands.

On January 3, we learned an unprecedented mission: China came to the other side of the moon with a probe and communicated with the Earth. Changing the 4-way probe is under investigation.

As Marcos Díaz Quezada has taught us, the director of Suchai I in Satellite Chile is not easy to get the dark side communication (see this note). That's why China's achievement is so worth it.

However, Chang & # 39; and 4 Chinese tests did scientific research with different technology support in different countries. China's National Space Administration (ANEC) has reported that the neutron radiation detector is designed in Germany, which is on the lunar module, and the Detector of Atomic Neutrons developed by Sweden. explorer vehicle

According to the Millennium Mexican newspaper, the information that manages these devices is being transmitted to the Earth through Queqiao satellites, in all the missions required for this communication.

In this area, Chang's # 4 also carries a low-frequency radio frequency device developed by Dutch scientists, as well as a source of radio-heat sources, created between China and Russia.

Heat source Exactly. This will help the Chinese probe to pick up cold nights at night, while the Earth's daytime duration is 14 degrees Celsius.

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