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Oncologists want to strengthen prevention after increasing lung cancer. News of Gipuzkoa

The Women's Breast Cancer Research Association (ICAPEM) has strengthened the healthcare authorities' prevention and smoking policies following the increase in pulmonary cancer cases.

MADRID According to the latest Spanish Association of Spanish Oncology of Oncology (SEOM), since the celebration of World Cancer Day, on February 4, for the first time in Spain, the lung cancer tumor has become the third in the event.

"The figures from the last SEOM reports should be reminded by the health authorities, specialists in those times have warned this phenomenon as women have increased this tumor," said ICAPEM chairman Javier Castro.

Four years later, female lung cancer occurred the fourth most common, occupying third place, with the increase in women's consumption of women in females. On the other hand, the incidence of human lung tumors is reflected in a downward trend, along with the reduction of male smoking.

"We are seeing the burning of hundreds of 80 and 90 percent of the lung tumors, and now we are seeing the effects that women have on smoking, but if we do not have time, our girls will have their first generation. Lung cancer is a woman who is breast cancer, is the most common cancer." said De Castro.

A few years ago, remember, lung cancer was rarely seen in the list of 10 most common tumors. At this time, the organization has emphasized the need for health authorities, both at state and regional level, to be "more rigorous" depending on the smoking law.

In addition, as an expert, we must strengthen and advance the prevention of smoking, aimed at young people whose adolescents and young people are habitually smoking.

In general, the number of cases of Spanish cancer has risen by 12% since 2015, mainly among females, two times more than men (17.4% and 8%). , 2% for men).

And although progress has been made in recent years, lung cancer continues to be the cause of greater mortality among both sexes (the first one examining male mortality and the second among women) in breast cancer. In fact, mortality in women with breast cancer increased by 6.4% compared to the latest SEOM report.

"When we talk about lung cancer, we must not forget that we prevent a tumor from preventing death to our hands," said ICAPEM President.

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