Sunday , May 9 2021

One dog is 1 dog per Guatón

The latest research conducted by the Veterinary Medicine Association, based on the verification of clinical cases, demonstrated A worrying reality that Chile's dog is having on health: It's overweight or obeseThe product of sedentary life, above all.

"If you look at the city, most people live in the building, Dogs have less space and one, the pace of work, is less"Said Franco Gonzalez, a member of the responsible for publimetro responsible, due to problems with dogs due to dogs.

"In Chile, obesity is constantly growing the people's lifestyle," he stressed.

The product of a sedentary life, like fat, can cause some diseases similar to humans hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, pain together, vascular accidents, among others.

In this situation, Gonzalez recommends that pets will leave at home for at least 20 minutes to perform jog or exercise every day. "Lowering to 15 minutes is not worth it, we need aerobic exercise", he warns.

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Another important factor at this time is also added: eating

According to Mars Petcare's research, at least One-quarter of an excess people overtake pets to be happy

Likewise, 54% of the masters feed their food with dogs, and 50% take food with food as much as possible.

Like humans, it is important to include a balanced diet of animals. Pets are in a ruler dish 50% vegetables, 25% carbohydrates and 25% proteins, although racing with more muscle masses must have a higher percentage of protein.

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