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Only 30% of Spanish women think that osteoporosis is a health risk


Only 30% of Spanish women believe that osteoporosis is a health problem, an Amgen survey concluded.

In the survey, 700 Spanish women aged 55 to 65, it seems that more than half of the respondents know that they know the definition and symptoms of osteoporosis, but most do not know the extent of gravity.

Fractures fractures are the most serious cause of osteoporosis and the physical independence of people is high and in some cases it becomes incapacitated.

Pay close attention to one of the most influencing factors in the surveyed women groups. Practically 80 percent frustrating is not getting as self-sufficient older and worrying about virtually anybody's mobility.

In Spain, three million people suffer from osteoporosis. In 2017, 330,000 fractures were registered, with 30% growth in 2013 predicted. Additionally, the International Federation of Osteoporosis (IOF) indicates that people who have fractured twice the chance of suffering.

Currently, the wrist fractures, ankles and hip fractures are common. However, this is the most serious rule related to osteoporosis, which is the percentage of hip fractures over 50 years. In addition, the mortality rate is 25% next year. In women, there is a higher risk of cancer than in uterine, breast and ovarian cancer combined.

Although it is still the most common bone disease, 55-30% of women over the age of 65 require only prevention and treatment.

The data of the survey should be emphasized to establish preventive and early diagnosis measures to prevent the risk factors of the more active role of the patient and to prevent the prevention of this bone disease.

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