Wednesday , January 20 2021

Opposition questionnaire Being the son of the Kantor Minister to be an important position at the APEC summit | national

Opposition senators called on APEC's top summit (SOM) to appease the APEC summit, which includes 21 Pacific economies in Asia, which will take place on November 16 and 17 in our country.

About this Benjamin Salas KantorThe son of the Sports Minister, has to coordinate the work of the committees and groups at the summit, explains El Mercurio.

Among the members of the APEC organization and members of the Senate External Action Committee, Ricardo Lagos Weber has asked "Legal quality and experience", arguing about more professional professionals.

Likewise, José Miguel Inzula said that he knew about it and did not question his legal knowledge, but rather in the economic plane. "You have to be careful about APEC, because what you are doing is very tricky"he said.

In this regard, the Sub-Commission for Foreign Affairs, Carolina Valdivia, said "I think this is more than legal and professional credentials. It was a Difrol officer, who knows the Chancellor's environment."

"He is very skilled, capable, intelligent and committed. Assistant Deputy Secretary of Economic Relations and support from APEC's "He punished him.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero said that it is a presidential decision, but it is an experienced person.

"The excellent men and women between 27 and 30 have important situations in our country," he said.

This situation is taking place in the midst of the debate and the resignation as Fernanda Bachelet Coto as a united business unit of the United States, the daughter of President Sebastián Piñera.

Piñera Advisor

In October, El Mercurio highlighted Salas Kantor The President is the youngest adviser, Magdalena Díaz, designing international tracks with staff leaders.

This time, he was informed that his 27-year-old lawyer was close to Piñera, La Moneda has a second-floor office (ten in the president's chair) and speaks with him every day.

Previously, in the administration of Michelle Bachelet, he collaborated with the request of the River Silala before the Hague, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 2016, by the famous lawyer Alberto van Klaveren. José Miguel Inzulza worked with agent Claudio Grossman, he said.

From that moment on, he worked as a lecturer at the UC School of Law at the National Border and State Border Administration (Difrol).

The government of Sebastián Piñera arrived on March 9, 2018 when he canceled his work at the Foreign Ministry and refused a scholarship from Cambridge University.

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