Thursday , October 6 2022

OPS requires a vaccine against and anti-polio precaution


The Health Organization The Panamanian Health Organization (PAHO), Thursday, in Guatemala, wants to give priority to the vaccine against the polio and the prevention program, the disease that was eliminated in the continent in 1994.

An agency called "All Countries" [de la región] to prevent all vaccines from being prevented and in a particular case of polio, as a priority, "said Cuauhtémoc Ruiz-Matus of Mexico, WHO, head of the Integrated Family Immunization Unit, AFP.

The 22-year-old healthcare community in Guatemala spent three days in Guatemala, following the measures to continue supporting and eradicating the region of the polio.

Ruiz-Matus's attention to polio care "must be a political priority at all levels" to avoid cases of imported crime.

The countries were urged to secure funding to ensure vaccines, human resources, laboratories and information systems.

"The American immunizations program has always been a leading program, so it must be a political priority," said WHO.

"We are waiting for 27 years for polio and the first free region of the disease," said Ruiz-Matus, arguing that continental countries are "acting against this disease".

The last case of polio was recorded in the United States in 1991, according to the OPS.

Polyomyelitis is an infectious disease caused by poliovirus, mainly due to the development of children and the risk of the nervous system responsible for muscle control. It can prevent vaccination.

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