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Ossandón warns of the threat to Kasten's speech: "Divide, elitist and a low vision of the future"

He also expressed concern about the Senate of the National Reform in his party, also increasing the role of the Republican Action. For the Parliament, these right positions are not in line with the RN perspective, "it has always been a center right". Kastek says "he wants to have a legitimate right in the parameters that he wants to use his leadership," he says, "his speech is a huge disconnection".

Manuel José Ossandón, National Renewal Senator, expressed his concern that the Director of Republican Action, José Antonio Kast, spoke about social networks and words.

For Ossandón, a Chilean parliamentary course is worrying. We are approaching Kast's image, like Camila Flores, saying that it's "wrong block".

"It's not the way Chile needs to be, although I am politically polite, the polarization of the problem of people is not a" political "political sector, it's just like extreme being for me to be able to make the most of the flags nail" fanatic " More, "he said in a newspaper interview Third.

"Kast created a political character in South America, and it was not so bad for me, and my opinion is divided into this discourse, it is elitist and has a very low vision for the future," he added.

However, he clarified that "he has the legal parameters to use his leadership in the parameters he wants, after deciding on Chile".

The RN parliamentary director of the court ruled: "Maybe later, they will understand that RN will not be the right participant, and they will build another one." Innovation has always been the center right, a party once Andrés Allamand has worked for a Chilean future, which is why these conferences are not linked ".

Although the words of Kastek and his followers have been "a huge disconnection".

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