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Oumuamua could be an asteroid called "intelligent creature" – Diario Digital Nuestro País

Oumuama is the first asteroid star.

Berlin, January 13 (RT) .- Oumuama, the first starred asteroid of the solar system, can not be ruled out by the extraterrestrial intelligent "intelligent beings". That is to say, in an interview with Spiegel, Avi Loeb, director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, said that "not the speculative thought of far-off civilization".

"The more we know, it becomes a stranger"

Loeb, author of 700 article articles for astrophysic phenomena, found Oumuamua – October 2017, and whose name is the first Hawaiian messenger – has many difficulties. "Find more about this object". It becomes "stranger"he says.

Thus, his brilliance "changes dramatically" means that it is a very strange form, probably a disk or cigar. On the other hand, Oumuamua's orbit is "different" since it is only in the field of gravitational space, that is, it represents the existence of an "extra force" that acts on this cosmic object.

While "Asteroid-related mysteries" is not a natural explanation, "it's an artificial product," Candlelight "made by smart creatures, Loeb estimates.

In the same vein, he emphasized that "If the Umayama is a random object drop, each solar system would create millions of millions of objects," so it is not excluded that it is a "mission". directed, "also from the space polls sent to the study mission.

"Thinking in remote civilizations is not a speculator"

Oumuama is the first asteroid star.

The astronomer emphasizes that "those who live in a special time" can find the answer to the "most basic questions": we are only in the universe. On the one hand, in recent years we have found "a great deal of expansion in the galaxy", the scientist believes that Kepler satellite has taught us that "all four stars have a planet like Earth and have a good temperature. Life creation." Secondly, "we have today's technology" life to investigate possible existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The teacher advocates "thinking about the most distant civilizations not speculative". "We know that we exist, and therefore, at least, we have developed an advanced technology, and we know that Earth is similar to other stars around a quarter of all planetary systems," adding the scientist, adding: "Why, then, would not intelligent beings be elsewhere?".

  • Oumuamua has been a mysterious aura since it was discovered by astronomers at Hawaiian University in October 2017.
  • Recently, researchers at the SETI institute have indicated that long-term observations did not find artificial radio signals on the surface of this rocky object, but they still do not exclude that it could be alcoholic in nature.

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