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Outdoor Fair to enjoy beer

Although Garagardo parties are held outside Santiago in large areas, such as Malloco, a fair Chile, brewing country It will be in the city center Holley General Walk, exit Metro Los Leones.

The Chilean Beer Producer Association was chosen as a place for this party, which includes a few remodelings.

If you want good beer, turn it over Saturday, December 1, From 12:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., on the pedestrian promenade on Paseo de la Providencia, where you can find beer, such as Kross, Tübinger and Volcanes del Sur, among others.

They have been 14 marks They are installed, they will offer the best tags from the barrel directlyYou can try it and drink it.

The entrance to the Chilean market is from Brewing for freeto try to buy beer glass ($ 5,000)that's it It includes three tastingss in any stand.

Drink all, all schop costs $ 2,500, whatever.

Try to take advantage of everything you can think about the varieties you want, from wherever creators or masters of these brands will be.

To establish the rhythm of the party, they will go on stage during the day live band.

What do you drink

All the brands in the Chilean market, in the brewing country, will have different varieties available in schop format, including several innovations.

Go through the stand Tübinger, a Pirque brewery specializing in fresh soft drinks, with refreshing Pale Ale and Red Ale, 5,5º reddish and alcoholic color.

Cerveza del Puerto will arrive at Valparaíso, its microbiology label 100% natural products, without preservatives or additives.

What will they do at the fair? They like their Amber Ale, the aromas of red fruits and dried apricots, and their Pale Ale, the vivid blonde is very refreshing.

If you want to drink some of the South, check out the stand South volcanoesMauleko eskualdeko artisautza lantegia Mineral water of thermal origin.

Summer Lucum, a kind of lager with a rich fruit and a touch of these fruits.

And something to eat at the fair? The Swedish renovation will be opened by local restaurants, such as Paseo General Holley.

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