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Pachter: Until next 2021 the next consoles will not be delayed

Mostly, the preview will be released for the next PlayStation and Xbox 2020, due to the increase in hardware sales, this industry demands a change in generations, with PS4 and Xbox One shows, the highest achievement possible. However, some sectors believe that the beneficial market environments come to the next consoles until about 2021 and Michael Pachter talked about it.

In a conversation GamingboltMichael Pachter, the analyst at Wedbush Securities, is proposing to make versions of the proposed new PlayStation Xbox, which will make debut with Xbox4GP Pass with good sales of PS4 and a Xbox One reboot. In that regard, Pachter believes that this will not change the business plans and will be planned for 2020 when players receive a new generation of consoles. However, analysts preferred that what would happen to the current generation and, finally, hardware proposals begin the same year: "What will be interesting with what is happening with the consoles of this genre Historically, Microsoft recently reduced the previous console production After marketed, Sony has made the opposite, because it has remained a bit in the previous console, even though it is up to 3 years old, it is different in the world and it seems that 20 to 30 million consoles can be sold in countries developed in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, so PS4 I'll keep them alive at $ 149 dollars or something like that in the coming years. "

On the other hand, Pachter has said that although the next consolation companies are considered to be their particulars, PS3 and Xbox 360 will not be repeated, because it would be an advantage that it would be irreversible in the future: "Microsoft Xbox Two or whatever they think is so powerful and wants to sell one of these consoles and not a Xbox One, it would be impressive, but I do not think it will be postponed until 2021. Microsoft will not start with the Xbox One next Xbox and Sony will wait until 2021 Microsoft would have the advantage with Xbox 360. Sony does not have this opportunity to benefit. This time. "

What do you think of Michael Pachter's statements? Is 2020 a new PlayStation and a new Xbox?

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