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paid youth (including minors) to install a spyware to install a VPN

As has long been pointed out, (almost) nothing is negatively generated from Facebook, or is not scandalized. We distinguish this line in order to understand this surprise that many of the polemic activities that make or support this commitment act as a company. For example, when Edward Snowden stated, "Facebook is a custody company that has changed as a social network."

According to TechCrunch, Mark Zuckerberg began operating in 2016 until it was $ 20 VPN Research, a virtual private network that could see the Internet activity of users in their phone. Probably, despite the discussion, since most people are not sensitive to privacy, Facebook offers $ 10 to each VPN user to use it for other friends, that is, as a reference.

So, according to some users, Revenues of more than $ 1,000 will be available per month. As we have said, a lot of incentives to maintain privacy. Everything "when I do not hide it, I do not care if you see it", it is widespread in society.

If you delete Apple or Google from your store, there are alternatives

Facebook bought Onavo with the intention of using it in the same way as Facebook Research, but Apple believed that it was breaching the use of the App Store's terms and eliminated it in August 2018. But everything is not controllable. Because Apple or Google have the most mobile operating systems in the world, it allows file files to be installed as a data collection level application. Since 2018, Facebook Research Project is known as Atlas.

To install these files on smartphones, Facebook uses uTest, Applause and Betafound, managing new trends in the use of data and the use of the web. Last year, although he could not use Onavo, he would not stop at Atlas. Web site history or ads geolocated ads were delivered on Instagram or Snapchat. Additionally, the Facebook system can know the application of the encrypted data, but it is not its content itself.

Minors with recognized consent, among the most important debates in the Atlas Project


Perhaps, among the controversial aspects of the project reported by TechCrunche, users of minor ages, Facebook does not matter at all. However, they needed permission from their parents, as he said:

"There is no risk associated with this project, but we must bear in mind that this project will continue to continue with the personal information of your child's applications. Your child will be committed to participating."

Depending on the collection Kurt WagnerRecode, a journalist, was making Facebook's "market analysis" on iOS. In addition, it shares a Facebook statement accordingly The company stated that "it was not an espionage, the people who took part made a clear payment process to ask for and participate. In the end, less than 5% of participants attended teenagers for teens. "


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