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Parents do not consider taking the baby vaccine against papillomavirus

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

To apply a vaccine vaccine human papilloma (HPV) for girls, healthcare nursing staff Miguel Paz Barahona He lectures at schools to immunize later.

du vaccine They apply to girls under 12 and Miguel Paz Barahona wants to invent 2,932 vaccines. At San Pedro Sula, the vaccine for children is 7,964 girls.

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Mirna Bueso, the head of the program for the vaccine program, Miguel Paz Barahona, explained that 11-year-old boys and girls have been introducing tetanus. In the whole city it intends to impound 16,236.

"Adolescents under 12 are in school, and is intended to give talks, and then a vaccine is given. The 2,932 boys' healthcare center Miguel Paz Barahona needs a vaccine," said the center has very few parents to integrate their children and That's why the campaign of schools.

They mentioned responsible parents who take their daughters to health centers. "But we will go to school, and that's it, girl. This vaccine protects against cancer, that is, to kill women," he said.

This vaccine is two doses. The second is applied six months before, which is protected by viruses between 16 and 18 because it is a cause of trachized cancer.

Care. Cándido Mejía, a dermatologist, has been told that at the outpatient clinic in Rivas, they treat between six and ten people each month. There are 200 types of HPV viruses, but they do not affect the genital area, even when they appear in the mouth.

At Leonardo Martínez hospital, during the week, women with 30 genital warts arrive. Jorge Lopez, a dermatologist and venerologist, has reported that the treatment of these patients is chemotherapy. "Patients have evolved very well with this treatment," said the specialist.

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