Sunday , June 13 2021

Participants showed machi Francisca Linconao's image of Pasapalabra TV and show

Chapter Pasapalabra On Monday, November 26, he had a special ingredient.

The program happened early, despite its driver Julian Elfenbein The captain and the invited participants were presented.

When the headset announced that the head of the blue band, Alan Gonzalez, appeared in the native city of Talcahuano. machi Francisca Linconao.

A portrait by the singer, the singer, was the watercolor of Mapuche, two times the acquittal, after being accused of 30 people. From the Luchsinger-McKay family, 4th of January 2013 Granja Limahue Farm, Vilcún, in the Araucanía region.

Quickly, the subject began social networks, and Alan became a national trend.

It should be mentioned in the chapter, in front of Gonzalez Martín ValenzuelaHe won $ 28 million in El Rosco.

Finally, Martin participated in the episode to participate in 30 million packings.

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