Tuesday , January 26 2021

Participating in "Ciego Amor" Metro has changed the television channel society

11 years ago, Andrés Marín was one of the "Amor Ciego" participants, where Edmundo Varas and Félix Soumastre were also present.

In 2019, however, Exchange's reality has changed completely, now has a Metro de Santiago de Compostela.

"I still love the ghost of Love Ciego. When I went to work on the subway, I do not know if the rumors were so fast, "said La Cuarta newspapers.

Marín assured him how he created his new stage "He spent four years working at nightclubs and asked him what he wanted." I became a station manager in 2013 on weekends, and then I was there all the time".

In addition, conventional television shows that he continues to speak with the oldest "Blind Love". "We continue to talk, We have our WhatsApp team. Edmund, Felix, Ari, Flavius, Pokémon is there. We got together very well. "

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