Wednesday , September 28 2022

Patrolman of the pools: the men are arrested and left with the help of money lazy. | national


Los Andes PDI has found where it is Defrauding people defrauding, offering alleged services to build pools, but this never happened.

According to generations of economic crimes, the person responsible for the procedure was a simple modus operandi: the initial defendant G.A.P.M (38) offered services to the accused, sharing their social networks and publishing them, but they just disappeared with unfinished jobs.

Contact with potential interested parties through the phone or through WhatsApp, accused He asked for a percentage of the payment to begin the work and once a place, after the first land movements, demanded the final payment in cash for another percentage.

then, He abandoned the project and his staff alone and fled, Jaime Álvarez, Prefect of Bridec de Los Andes, said.

According to research, there are about seven people from the different Los Andes, San Felipe and Panquehue sectors. In addition to his criminalized analysis of PDI and his work, The locations of the topic were found in the Metropolitan region.

In this way, the man handed over to the Santiago Court of Guarantee, which would determine the judicial future.

This article describes the ongoing judicial process

The positions will be excluded at the end of the investigation, therefore Completed will not be guilty Until justice is delivered.
(Code of Criminal Procedure 04)

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