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Paty Maldonado chased after Jani Dueñas

Patricia Maldonado once again mentions the presentation of Jani Dueñas at Viña 2019 festival.

In "Sin Límites" and together with Spanish journalist Manu González, "La Madonado" magazine gave a very positive and critical opinion against a comedy, "Times", with its show Stand up comedy, Among the top ten in Latin America.

This time, according to the driver, Jani Dueñas did not know how to manage the nerves, and the staging was not the best because he looked at the excellent attitude towards the monster of Quinta Vergara.

However, when asked about the body of the controversial moment Manu Gonzalez, Patricia Maldonado answered "It seems that it does not have grace, it has a painful face and it is worse it is reasonable."

Note that the Mega morning panelist was wrong, when he commented on a video by Jani Dueñas, Dino Gordillo was a supposedly unbelievable humorist.

"Fat, mother-in-law, maracos and ugly, no one laughs at your joke, wea penis": A song created by the comedy, along with his friends, abortion last August during the month of Chile.

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