Sunday , May 9 2021

PC rescues Chadwick's resignation and the first year of Piñera calls it "disaster"

Within the traditional festival of embraces organized by the Communist Party, which brings together opposition politicians, trade unionists and parliamentarians, the bloggers questioned the positions of the Government over the role of the Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick, To handle the Araucanian conflict after the death of Camilo Catrillanca in the hands of Carabineros.

It was at the beginning of the celebration, chaired by the President of the Communist Party William Tellier, where Sebastián Piñera described the first year of the government as disastrous and reaffirmed the request of the Directorate for the resignation of the main worker.

The arrest has underlined the continuing contradictions of the minister regarding the version of Karramineros, in the case of Catrillanca, undermining his image and not resolving any valid interlocutor to solve the demands of the Mapuche people.

President of the Socialist Party, Álvaro ElizaldeHe accepted this position and added that the Secretary of State added to his government.

On the other hand, communist deputy Camila Vallejo The resignation of Chadwick indicated that he served as a sign of political dialogue with the Government and emphasized the unity of the opposition to establish a legal commission to evaluate the constitutional accusation against the Minister.

President Sebastian Piñera has tried to defend Andres Chadwick and does not demand his resignation, the minister may plan a constitutional minister in March of this year, where appropriate, the opposition progresses.

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