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PC Steam games in December 2018


We are already in December, so it's time to keep up-to-date December 2018 notes After doing things like PlayStation and Nintendo. Now it's the PC's turn, where several consoles are repeated and exclusive Steam are interesting, especially DUSK so raw

It does not stop, however, that there are less than a few months notice (the Christmas season is falling), but this does not mean that there are no interesting titles, such as GREY and others to surprise others.

Just Cause 4

When: December 4
No: PC
How much: 49.95 euros

Rico Rodríguez is back with Just Cause 4, of course Just Cause's most striking distribution so far Due to the introduction of the tornado, explosions take on a new meaning of chaos and destruction. Full adrenaline

Mutante Year Zero: The Way to the Edge

When: December 4
No: Steam
How much: 34.99 euros

You are looking for an alternative to XCOM, luckily (a priori), Mutant Year Zero: Eden Road is a very interesting stealth, exploration and turn-based battle mix that allows you to control three main characters. Da Mutant table based on RPG, by the way.

Edge of beauty

When: December 5
No: Steam Early Access
How many: it must be confirmed

A priori, but I went through a new Final Fantasy Edge of beauty It's a RPG indie Only nine people are developing. That's why the work by Midgar Studio works well (yes, it shows its effect) in just a few days Steam Early Access. See how it evolved.


When: December 6
No: Steam
How much: € 14.99

Finally ending in a development game. Kenshi It has been in Steam Early Access for more than five years, and it will immediately leave its status with highly positive reviews, which is not an RPG, in fact, depending on the sight. But he has something, of course. And it's also cheap.

Battle Princess Madelyn

When: December 6
No: Steam
How many: it must be confirmed

For the first time we had the influence of the classic Battle Princess Madelyn over tried it Super Ghouls & # 39; Ghosts Capcom-i Since then, Causal Bit Games has softened its work and made very interesting incentives, for example, low cross Damn Castile. Last test now comes.


When: December 10
No: Steam
How much: € 16.99

Inspired by the classic FPS of the 90s Quake and Redneck RampageDavid Szymanski got Steam Early Access DUSK totally unanimous. What we are talking about is to face ourselves dreams shooters and finally you'll get your latest version, remotely Early introduction.


When: December 13
No: Steam
How many: it must be confirmed

Nomada Studio in Barcelona has won the entire video game industry thanks to the plastic beauty of GRAIS, which is a platform for moving art. Will he do everything else at the same height? We'll know soon.

PC releases from December 1 to December 31, 2013

  • Arca Path VR (04/12)
  • Just Cause 4 (04/12)
  • Overwrite: Mech City Brawl (04/12)
  • Mutante Zero Year: On the way to Edise (04/12)
  • Beauty Edge (05/12) (Steam Early Access)
  • Kenshi (06/12)
  • Battle Princess Madelyn (06/12)
  • Jagged Alliance: Rage (06/12)
  • Iris.Fall (07/12)
  • DUSK (10/12)
  • Double change – 25th anniversary edition (11/12)
  • Desert Baby (11/12)
  • Kingdom: Two crowns (11/12)
  • Insurgency: storm (12/12)
  • GRISA (13/12)
  • Nippon Marathon (17/12)
  • Fair Deal: Las Vegas (21/12)
  • Bum Simulator (29/12)

The dates are confirmed every week (and many others vary), we recommend you to know our Google Calendar (iCal | HTML). In it we update every day of the games every day, whether physical or digital. . If you have lost one, comment on it.

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