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I think at this point, scientists at the international obesity congress will know what the best diet and why? As a result, experts have quite funny opinions.

In the last meeting of the Association of Obesity, the organizers made a symposium that two well-known scientists presented the discovery of higher education studies related to the diet.

Christopher Gardner, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, reduced a reduced diet or a carbohydrate with a group of patients with the same calcium content. One year after, weight loss was the same in both groups.

An analysis by the Boston Children's Hospital, David Ludwig, showed that dietary carbohydrate was a better diet than high-carbohydrate, after diets have declined. Carbohydrate carbohydrates reduced by about 200 calories a day.

So, does carbohydrate help reduce the calories of some of the questions that have been diminished diet? Is the composition of the diet irrelevant for the same amount of calories? Is it important to know how to lose weight or how to avoid weight? They did not have an agreement, but they did not know much about their diets.

This is what we know

People often eat diets differently. Some people have low-fat diets and others are better off with diets with reduced carbohydrates, as well as many weight loss methods.

George Bray, a researcher at obesity researcher and emeritus emeritus at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at the Baccalaureate, summarizes: "Do the diet you want to do and retain it."

People have had full confidence over decades and many other forms of dietary versions. More than a century ago, the book, How to Live, was a successful sale, said the only way to lose weight in Americans was to tell calories.

Most of the diets are short term and it is often difficult to know how to match the methods given by the participants. Few studies to keep track of one year or more, the participants do not gain weight again.

Better health diets do not lose weight. A diet that reduces calories will cause weight loss, but some diets are not healthy, but lose some pounds.

Foods that nourish foods?

As far as sugar-free obesity is concerned, we do not know how much. Many scientists believe that it is a factor that is influenced, but not necessarily powerful than others, such as refined specimens. (I)

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