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Pepe leaves Besiktas but has previously paid salaries to the staff at the club »PrensaFútbol


Sunday, December 16, 2018


Previously, former Real Madrid made some payments to the team, whose hard-core economic crisis is going through the Turkish club. Portuguese handles are offered from the Middle East, declaring the end of the Turkic territories lasting one year.

Pepe defended the contract with Turkey Besiktas. Both parties reached an agreement for 35 years, from the time they were in the club since 2017, to continue their career in another legislation. But before leaving, the Portuguese paid no salaries to officials as chefs and chefs.

The rural advocate wanted to hand over the "eagle" club, through an economic crisis, and to get some money to get money.

Real Madrid and the Portuguese Eurocopa 2016 champion had a thigh injuries during the Gary Medel and Enzo Roco Besiktas competition.

In addition, according to the newspaper A Bola, Al Ghazafa has received bids from Al Kaeda and has submitted a formal offer for two years and Al Ittihad in Saudi Arabia. Another option, but further on, is to return to Real Madrid.

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