Sunday , July 3 2022

Peruvian, Haitian and Colombian people stand out


In two days, 294,176 students enrolled in the University Elective Test (PSU) will reach 640 schools for a higher education entrance exam.

These include 200,286 history, geography and social sciences, without mentioning more specific tests.

Tomorrow, 5:00 pm, students, 2000 or XXI. Most people born in the 20th century will recognize their rooms. Puente Alto, Maip and Temuco are expected to have the highest amount (see the graphics). Juan Fernndezen will be seven youngsters. And in the case of people who identify the place, 5,411 (1.83%) are foreigners.

According to Demar data in Chile, it is about migrants from 63 countries, although in most remote countries, such as in Madagascar, the highest number registered is Per (1,399), Haiti (1,148) and Colombia (709). .

In the case of the Peruvian population, it has been stable. On the contrary, Haiti's presence has increased in the last two years. And the relationship with this group is a language.

"There is no inclusion, foreign students, the same PSU and much more language testing, based on the curriculum of the Spanish curriculum, we are losing it," says Ariel Ramos Educator Education 2020, a researcher's politician.

Ernesto Trevio, U. Catlica Education Directorate Center, may cause other difficulties. "We were not approaching this problem (immigration) from the point of view of evaluation, if we observe what happens with other immigration in other countries, it's usually a kind of adaptation," such as extending the time to answer the test.

Trevius explained that foreigners may have problems with other measurements, for example, in the Social Sciences Review, "when they came to Chile, how much time they spent in the school system and how they were developed exactly".

However, the director of Demre, Leonor Varas, "the text is made in Spanish, does not speak to other people who speak the language". Returning a text means driving again, it does not arrive and returns. We speak to our help desk to clarify doubts and doubts. "

Varas finds that the end of the study is not a problem.

Year 2000

120 thousand young people born in 2000 will study. Another 57 thousand was born from that date.

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