Thursday , June 8 2023

Petroparia analyzes whether it reduces fuel prices


Petropar's chairman, Patricia Samudio, said that the trend in import prices for finished products is maintained, in the first week of December to estimate whether prices of gasoline and other fuels would be reduced or maintained. . It could not demand exclusion and the reduction requests and demands were directed primarily at the private sector, which marketed prices and managed 85% of the market.

He said, in fact, what has fallen a lot in the price of the international crude, but the last products are not in the same line. Petropar said they closed fifteen-day average purchases and windows. "Thank you God closed the window of loading in the second half of November, so we must wait fifteen days, on average, that the month is closed when we see the price of the dollar we've seen and when the product reaches the price we will have in mid-December," he said.

He said that at that moment only prices could change and if they knew how much it would be reduced. The reason may be that the price drops, but it does not help much the dollar price, as stated.

Comparison of regional behavior compared to the decline in international prices is incorrect, arguing percentage of the percentage of importers in the Paraguayan product and not a crude oil. He cited an international publication on Chile's cost comparisons and announces a decline in price. In spite of the fact that there is a country producer, the liter of each diesel price is 1.01 euros per liter. It imports more than one percent of our country, the price per liter of diesel is USD 0.88. He also highlighted, despite being an importer, Paraguay has the cheapest fuel in the region.

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