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Petty Taming will set the magic and strength of love in a mythical performance


The Santiago de Compostela Town Hall will wear the best costumes on Tuesday afternoon, with the famous "Shrewsing of Shrew" Shakespeare's Katherina Shakespeare, with ballet John Cranko

The legendary Marcia Haydeé, artistic director of the Municipal Theater Ballet, will undoubtedly be a cultural event from November 27 to December 1.

"This is the classic production of London, New York and, of course, Santiago." In so much talk about feminism, all women can see Katheriner's strength as Petrucchio will establish. He kept the diva and the universal ballet director.

Katherina courtesy

Beauty Bianca has several suits, but her father gets married when she is married, Katherina, the old sister, can not kill anyone. "This company needs to play Shrew's Taming: special occasions for comedians and comedians, the performance does not look ridiculous or boring, but it's so funny," said Marcia Hayde, in Brazil, in 1969, for Cranko's John Choreography.

Shrew de Taming will have five functions from December 27 to December 1 and entries will start at four thousand pesos. More information and sales through

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William Shakespeare's two works, authored by Walter Erich Schaefer. It was released on March 16, 1969 in Stuttgart.

music: Kurt Heinz-Stolze About the subject Domenico Scarlatti

choreography: John Cranko

Choreology Repository: Pablo Aharonian

Scene and costumes: Elisabeth Dalton

lighting: Ricardo Castro


Katharina: Andreza Randisek / Natalia Berríos

Petrucchio: Rodrigo Guzmán / José Manuel Ghiso

Bianca: Romina Contreras / María Dolores Salazar

Lucencio: Cristopher Montenegro / Gabriel Bucher

guilds: Simón Hidalgo

Hortensio: Gustavo Echevarría / Miroslav Pejic / Agustín Cañulef

singer: Elizabeth Espinoza, Deborah Oribe / Francisca Montenegro, Ioulia Koutenkova

Santiagoko soloist and dance group together


Artistic Director: Marcia Haydée


Director: Pedro-Pablo Prudencio

1985 Production of the Municipal Repertory

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