Saturday , January 29 2022

Photo of the blood of the blood of the covenant that causes a new character of death | TV and show


Exciting chapter Blood Pact It was Tuesday, because Ignacio decided everything Daniel knew about the police.

His parents, Benjamin and Trinidad, always wanted to avoid them after leaving the psychiatric clinic He gave testimony to Fernandez and Bustos curators.

Also, how was it seen? Marco and Trinidad planned to kill Roberto Daniela, as the Mafia found, the student left the material that was forbidden to the student.

While the entire plot is huge, social networking audiences can also create "drama".

Previous, a unknown photography where they appear Trinidad, Alonso and her mother Teresa bedtime and dressed in black, pretty worried.

In the end, before, users may find that they might be a funeral or a wake and that would be general Hernán Errázuriz, Father Trinidad and Alonso, why Teresa was so much comforted in bed and her children.

Then we will leave a picture and some reactions.

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