Monday , May 16 2022

Pikachu is real! They find a yellow confrontation similar to the famous Pokémon


Looking at all the people who ask what is known about the famous Pokémon, PikachuIn real life, you can certainly do it.

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Near town Melbourne (Australia) has found yellow opossum, The nickname Pikachu with a great resemblance to the living being.

This strange and striking color due to genetic mutation, since the skin of this animal can change between dark gray and black.

The small animal is under the care of the veterinary clinic Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital Pikachu declared with his Facebook account five-month life and he probably fell from the back of his mother.

"We have recently brought a very special prison to the clinic, a gemstone curle made of gold, the blue color that results in a mutation that causes a slight level of melanin pigment, which is common in color, because they are rare in nature, because bright colors look special," they said .

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The animal was found alone and in a state malnutrition so advanced Guardians will be in the process of recovering.

Once stabilized, Pikachu will take him to a life sanctuary to live long and happy life, when he returns to his natural habitat, it would be a specimen. Easy prey for predators Because his coat is striking in color.

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