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Piñera confesses Araucanía to his civil security expert: Chadwick will doubt him in December. | national


He has expressly stated that the Government has appointed a new mayor in the Araucanía region, following the departure of Luis Mayol in the midst of the political crisis in the criminal carabinete of Ercilla.

Jorge Atton Palma, former secretary of telecommunications of the former administration of Sebastián Piñera and since last March has been the delegate of cybersecurity.

Atton, without political militancy, but with Rodrigo Ubilla RN, was born in Curacaut, and is an electronic engineer at Universidad Austral de Valdivian. In his professional career he was in charge of telephone companies in the southern country, until he reached the Board of Directors until 2010, afterwards moving from private companies to television direction.

He announced the appointment of the spokesman for Cecilia Perez, considering that the close relationship between the curriculum and the new church was the Lehendakari and the Interior.

But he was not the only name that evaluated his position, he also directed Conolo, Jorge Retamal's director, who plays Evopoli, but was literally blocked by RN sectors. because at this moment they do not face the new edge of the crisis, except in the interior.

We know that our government can not fix everything. But we have a firm commitment to adventure

– About Sebastián Piñera Araucanía's problems

A new mayor is expected in La Araucanía, there is a lot to define there, to see what decisions it takes and how to make the agenda.

But the case of Catrillanca is not close. From now on, the DC Senators and former regional authorities, Francisco Huenchumilla, were asked to end the Command called Jungle under the measures taken by Atton.

"I hope that the Government will take the necessary measures to create trustworthiness links to address all problems. We do not want the command of the Araucanía jungle, I believe that this is a crucial task to be credible in key roles," he said.

For the moment, the mayor has not talked about, it has literally disappeared, Palacio only states that the presentation of the region will be the opportunity of the president, Sebastian Piñera, on Friday or Saturday, according to what is described in the confectioner Juan Pablo Longueira's head of the Ministry of Social Development.

Hans Scott | ONE agency
Hans Scott | ONE agency

Chadwick bank

In the Congress, so much happened with Camilo Catrillanca, a series of events related to the crisis in the Executive crisis that has lasted.

The petition against the Interior Ministry and the Minister of Public Security, Andrés Chadwick, was approved in the Chamber of Deputies. On 61 votes and 65 against, he received a green order, with at least one third of the room, with 52 MPs.

Thus, the questionnaire will be at 11:00 p.m., Tuesday, 4:00 p.m., and Emilia Nuyado, head of the socialist deputy.

"I was born in the Mapuche community, I'm a Mapuche woman and I'm a deputy. I do not think about the show that can be done for my country. What agenda will be, what should I do to consult and answer to the Minister," the MP said.

The governor of Malleco, Michelle Bachelet, deputy PMD, Andrea Parra, said the interpellation will see the insecurity of the region.

"Of course, the Government has managed to continue the resignation of Mayor Mayol, but I mean that this is not a guarantee of regional security," he said.

In Chile, after the death of Camilo Catrillanca, the opposition says they are making a political win. The heads of heads of Evopolis MP Lucas Cruz Koke became clearer.

"The internal minister began Monday to speak with the deputies of the National Human Rights and Security Commission, and now he wants to squeeze the lime of the best possible way, so to speak, something must be found," he said.

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