Wednesday , September 28 2022

Piñera Growth of HIV: "Parents are responsible for sexual education". | national


President Sebastián Piñera He talked about the state of HIV, after the UNAIDS report, Chile said that it was one of ten Chilean countries, 50% more than 50 percent of the last 50 years.

When he participated in the TV program Llegó Tu Hora, he kept that "The main responsible for the sexual education of children are parents".

For this reason, he announced that "we are promoting the policy of parents to provide more power, to be more capable of improving custody."

However, he admits that they are not exclusive. "It must help the state," because schools "treat them for many hours".

He also said that he has talked about the "Health Minister talked about many", and emphasized the need to take measures to deliver male and female condoms and set up fast tests in Cesfam.

However, he said "To prevent the population from falling because the feeling of danger has declined and a silent disease that is not resting".

In the order of ideas, he acknowledged that they should pay attention to children under the age of 29, because they are more contagious.

Commissions reacted

After knowing this situation, on Monday, members of the Health Committee called the boom of the disease as "pandemic" uncontrollably.

For example, Juan Luis Castro, President of the Chamber of Deputies, was called again to open the campaigns for more people.

For this, the Minister of Santelices was informed that the two houses will be shown.

Worse than Africa

The immunologist and director of the HIV Center at the Chinese Center for Human Services at the University of China, China, has reported that infectious data exceeds Africa.

In 2,968 cases registered in 2010, in the next 7 years, it increased 96% compared to 5,817 in 2017.

Also, "they do not know who can not pollute 40 thousand people."

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