Saturday , June 10 2023

Piñera has underlined Transantiago G-20 Summit: what happens is a global example that appears in the system


Transantiago is a global example. That's what President Sebastian Piñera has done on Saturday in a plenary session at his G20 Summit. In a speech that emphasizes the importance of reducing emissions, avoiding the production of Planet Earth and saving the Earth, the Lehendakari announced the arrival of electric buses for the transport system.

"Without a doubt, we should take them from public transport based on fossil fuels to electromobility", after referring to Piñera's Paris Convention, they forced the countries to commit themselves to environmental protection.

He mentioned electric buses

In this sense, he said, "After Chile, the second largest public carriageway in the world after China's next year since the 1st of January," suggesting this action as an example of our country's work. environment

It is noteworthy that the last Saturday, 100 electric buses departed from Transantiago in the port of San Antonio. These BYD brands will be launched in mid-December with 507, 516, and 519 routes with Metbus.

More units come from

But it's not everything. Additionally, there is also a second busbar for Yutong, which will be included in the system.

Likewise, in 2019 hybrid machines are expected to be added to the system.

That's why Piñera was the public transport system in Santiago, an example.

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