Thursday , October 6 2022

Piñera is celebrating the economic projection of the central bank


The Lehendakari stressed that "Chile's growth is based on rock and sand, based on investment and productivity".

In the field of the development of the O & P equities in the Higgins region, the president of Sebastián Piñera has underlined the growth figures of the Central Bank and "we are progressing in strength and solvency, which means that we will have better times, although some believe that it will be faster, We will work with Chile's houses ".

Piñera said, "yesterday the central bank explained the current situation of our economy, which has grown around 4% this year, some say that it is a bit small, I think it is three times as regards last year's growth, leaving us leaders in Latin America and the world average and losing us We have regained leadership and dynamism. "

"It is an increase in rocks and no sand, because it is based on investment and productivity, which is due to the positive reasons for the future."

"This year's investment has increased between 5% and 6%, and systematically declined in previous years, and the negative productivity, the burden this year has made, will be positive, that is, a driving force."

Piñera also addressed the issue of employment, and "it is a good news before employment, much stronger than thought, although BC said yesterday that the INE methodology was underestimated since the start of 2016 and we have created many jobs, but with the methodological problem of migration, The INE did not postpone the growth of jobs, it has created 75 thousand new jobs in October and I recall that same year in the past, 65 thousand wages were destroyed. "

The Lehendakari anticipated that "Chile is strongly reviving, with investment, productivity and employment, it's good news, but it is not our downfall or our arms."

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