Monday , October 25 2021

Piñera was aware of his first year: more than six


du President Sebastián Piñera In the first year of the Government he made a note and "Six-way".

Conversation magazine capital city, the president was consulted Challenges of the second presidency and coming next year.

According to Piñera, two different administrations are:For the first time everything is new and challenge, and it motivates a lot. The second time you already know what it is and I think that better priorities are better. "

Regarding the point of view, it should be given to the administration of its first year, the head of state assured that "it will not be over yet … And that is not necessary until it has happened. adding and removing, I think it's been a good year".

"We have taken urgent action in the future, the previous governments (…) I think irresponsibly, therefore, I definitely left a sixth note (…)"she assured her.

"Government has never been easy. It has been very difficult for us… ", added the President during the interview.

Camilo Catrillanca and Carabineros

He asked about difficult times, the Lehendakari emphasized they had this year "Many difficulties in the previous government"and the greatest challenges have been the" modernization of Carabineros "and everything that has happened to Camilo Catrillanca's death.

As for what happened at the time, Piñera assured "first and foremost, Araucanía Plan was very successful. We made progress on four pillars: Creating a new climate of dialogue, developing a social and economic development plan, knowing the general world of the indigenous people, addressing decisions, such as sending reforms to the institutional recognition of indigenous peoples and restoring the state of law. "

"When I heard about the death of Camilo Catrillanca, I immediately realized that He meant the obstacle, The difficulties in progressing with Araucanía Plan. However, we made the first decision to do everything possible so that the plan did not prevent it. That's why we wanted to know the truth, "he said.

"We had experience of Operation Hurricane, the original versions were fake and the previous government was based on months. Because we did not want to make that mistake"Piñera added.

"Clearly There are the Carabineros groups that divert the doctrine To be honest, respect the laws, and believe that they can act according to their methods. That's why, I agree with the great efforts made by the Managing Director of Carabineros, Hermes Soto, a modernized and restructured organization, "he said.


President Piñera also mentioned Secure migration to the Global Compact, Ordered and regular United Nations The Chilean decided to refuse. "Because I think they made this decision This treaty is not good in Chile"she assured her.

In this regard, the President consulted that an alleged poll prompted this decision and "I do not know about the Marrakesh Covenant decision. Now, probably, some surveys will be carried out. "

"This government makes surveys it's good to know the opinion of the people, but according to what they think, it takes decisions based on values ​​and commitments, "he said.

Considering its low authorization (37%), in the latest CEP survey, Piñera certifies "of course All the Presidents want to be as supportive as possibleIt is a source of joy and motivation that facilitates Government work. But citizenship has changed and nowadays it is much more demanding. "

According to the head of state, standards are nowadays different and exemplary "I learned a comparative study that a few days ago evaluated Latin American presidents. The Lehendakari was second, Tabaré after Vásquez (Uruguay) ".

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