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Pinilla has found a mistake as a teacher in front of a new club

Footballer, when Bulla was left, but unemployed, they will be protagonists of the audio-visual content platform "Yooy", giving football lessons. It will be launched on January 2.

Mauricio Pinilla was the best time of Mauricio Pinilla, except for economically. Following the controversy that emerged from the center of the University of Chile, including Blue Blue, the striker has not touched the ball for a month and is at the top unemployed.

Thanks to all these teleseries, the attacker always opens the pot and fills the pockets, despite the unknown future of 2019, the new star of the World Cup will be the star of the project: "Yooy", a new digital platform for audiovisual content, people will have their own part.

In fact, Pinilla will have the space to teach her the most. The goal will be given by football clubs, showing different strategies used in the practice of this sport. And has a wide experience, remember that he has been dressing up for 13 years with 34 men, especially in Italy.

With Jhen Although he does not know more about his role, the player himself told his Instagram account: "I'm very happy and motivated, I've been running a project for some time now and, of course, the most beautiful sport in the world."

The platform, which will be launched on January 2, will have several sections and themes. For example, Dani Palavecino will launch a series of "100 free days" and Dr. Ricardo Soto will give a "conscious medicine" and Jhendelyn Núñez will have a space dedicated to fitness.

Daniel Santana, the Social Media Manager of the initiative, has advanced the project's innovations. "People will be a website that wants to enjoy, consume, entertain and learn. Our users can choose a content access plan, similar to how Netflix works, the costs will be met on January 2," it was closed.

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