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PlayStation 5 and next Xbox version may be compatible with developers

Marc-Andre Jutras thinks that new consoles will support all of today's games.

Backward compatibility has been an important issue in the current generation of consoles, and although Sony has not paid much attention, Microsoft has been successful with this program that allows Xbox 360 and Xbox titles to be selected. current Xbox One

For this reason, in the past, we have also discussed the backwardness of the next generation console, and now we have given more power to the developers.

This is what Marc worked on companies such as Marc-Andre Jutras, Activision and Ubisoft, and created a title called Hellpoint in Cradle Games and a conversation with GamingBolt.through ComicBook talked about the possibilities of backward compatibility in new systems.

Jutras believes that backward compatibility plays PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox as a vital function, so that consoles can run the entire game catalog from the outset and the titles are not allowed. It's happening with Xbox One.

I think the PlayStation can be reversible. Xbox 360 compatible with Xbox-compatible retro-compatible. Should the title be approved? I think it was strange and I hope that's not it. They prefer to play an emulator running all the games, perhaps with errors and errors, instead of being 50 in my library library and not having four of them, because others are not yet approved.

I do not like that Switch is not compatible, but when I started Wii U I had Wii games. That must be done.

Let's say we start a new console, at that moment your user base is zero and the number of consoles is zero. So, you need developers to create games, and you need people who buy the console. So here comes the problem of chicken and egg. Will developers make games that jump in the car and buy consoles, or will people buy the console and developers want more games?

What I want is PlayStation 5, Sony makes some amazing exclusions, I mean I bought my PS4 because it was in the Bloodborne console. In my opinion, Microsoft seems to have deteriorated in that area, but I think it's bought by Microsoft for the past year, I think they've finally found that they want to sell exclusive consoles and have to be good. However, I expect the following console generation to be genuinely large, and Sony and Microsoft realize that they start their consoles for playing older games, which will later be added to the user. They can play a great gaming catalog. If you have 100 Xbox 360 games and 100 Xbox games and if I get a new Xbox game to play all of my games, I will probably console my new Xbox on any other console.

In summary, it is advisable to expect new consumers in reports in 2019.

For you, how important is retrocompatibility in next-generation consoles?

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