Thursday , July 7 2022

Portugal will premiere the short film with Sala Master


It was one of Chile's best albums published in 2017 Ancient astronauts, the third work of the group Portgual.

One hypnotic and pop complexHe philosophized in the place of humanity in the Universe and the Earth.

If you like this album, you will be delighted with the new Portuguese adventure: a documentary which works as the title of the record and its accessory.

This Quintet will premiere Monday, November 26, At 8:00 p.m., Master Classroom, one day that will continue concert.

Here you will see this science-fiction piece of audiovisual directed by Pedro Campos In the Atacama desert and in the Quintay woods.

A story that tells this short film is Oopart, the future creator of Lucy-A's time. Together they will have the mission to revive human species on earth.

For some song clips, for example Violent times II and For all new songsIt also consists of this audiovisual piece.

These and other issues, such as pixel, Carnival and single CrazyThey will also play later, in a live show, after a short film show.

You can buy tickets at the price Pre-owned, $ 4,000, written at [email protected], "Short introduction to LAA".

Meanwhile, at the door of the Master Room it will cost $ 5,000.

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