Wednesday , May 18 2022

PowerPoint and Skype will create subtitles in real time


In recent times, Microsoft has received a lot of criticism about the quality of the Windows 10 problem, updated in October 2018, as it broke the camel's back. However, this is why the company does it very well, because Apple has passed the stock market and according to the product, that company It shows a great deal of concern about accessibility.

Some time ago we were happy with Emma Watch, a clock for rewriting people in Parkinson's and recently deploying a modular Xbox control module that is now running, now the company announces that PowerPoint and Skype will create subtitles in real time. That is the measure It may change the status of millions of users Skype and the PowerPoint presentations that students use every day to be able to continue successfully.

Skype today, PowerPoint from January 2019

Microsoft improves the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, including direct subtitles created by Skype and PowerPoint. Skype today celebrates International Day for people with disabilities on December 3.

Microsoft says that Subtitles are optimized quickly, in a continuous and contextualized way When people talk, they move. It will be possible in the future offset to review history history.

Skype's translation capability has been shown on video and now subtitles will be held at conferences and presentations

However, things do not stop, which is what Redmond announces There will be subtitles for Skype updates, and it will be in real time. In the presentation of the feature, Skype will return to 20 languages, including PowerPoint It will show subtitles for 12 languages, but returns to 60.

In the case of two applications An integrated microphone will be used, unless another is used, but it will be the help of PowerPoint slides content. Depending on the content, the application will focus on subtitles in a specific context.

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