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Already surrendered PSU 2018 In the past, thousands of students who are currently participating in the process will wait for results, which will take place on December 26. Once they have met their scores, they will be able to evaluate what career and what universities ask for.

In line with the foregoing, choosing the best routes depends on many factors, such as employability. The possibility of obtaining a job in the first year of bachelor's degree can be essential for the application and implementation of a profession.

According to, lThe most employed in the end of career positions is Public Management Engineering, 98.9%.Obstetrics and Kindergarten 98.8% and 97.9% Chemistry and Pharmacy.

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On the other hand, those who have had less chance of finding jobs during the first year are learning Sports technician, 38.6%., Párvulos Technical Assistant, 39.9% and Art and Arts Arts, 40.6%.

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