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PrEP, the HIV Preventive Pill, and how it works

Cities like London, San Francisco, and New York are reporting fewer and fewer AIDS infections, and experts in this pillow have a great deal of achievement: pre-exposure prophylaxis, known as PrEP.

If you take it every day PREP Hiring through sexual intercourse reduces by more than 90% or more than 70%, using sterilization or non-use needles for many people according to the United States Department of Disease Control and Prevention Centers. CDC in its English.

Gilead Sciences pioneered American pharmaceutical companies in 2012 Truvada under the brand.

Three years later, the World Health Organization (HIV) in HIV-positive groups was recommended to prevent HIV prevention, such as homosexuals, bisexuals and women, sex workers or sex workers. someone infected with this virus.

But the results that are already seen in the developed countries have fared away the high prices of this treatment from the weakest areas.

In Chile, for example, one of 10 countries in the world of new cases of HIV patients More than 50% increase Between 2010 and 2017 according to the United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS).

And where PrEP costs US $ 575 and US $ 645 per month, according to the press in the country.

In the first quarter of 2019, the government will be distributed free of charge As opposed to the AIDS-based national plan for cancer, new infections doubled between 2010 and 2017, according to the Chilean Public Health Institute (ISP).

But how does it work?

Side effects

It has PrEP emtricitabine and tenofovirTwo viruses are also used to reduce the number of drugs used in both antiretrovirals and do not multiply.

It does not make a vaccine because it does not cause antibodies, but the daily need is necessary to prevent emtricitabine and tenofovir blood when implanted at the time of infection and HIV. CDC explains. Website

However, PrEP Not everyone. Before it is taken, the patient's virus must be discarded when it is infected. It is also necessary to check the good state of the kidneys and liver because this pill can cause the disorders of these organs.

Experts recommend reducing the use of people with HIV at risk of involvement in the treatment Side effects such as nausea, stomach or headaches, and, in more cases, accumulation of lactic acid blood.

Also, those with hepatitis B should be especially careful, if Truvada is used and treatment is stopped, it is likely that hepatitis is worse.

It is not 100% infallible

Take PrEP It does not mean that other methods of prevention can be put in place. This pill does not protect against other sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, syphilis or herpes genitalia.

It is not 100% inflexible. While they are rare, there are at least five people Although they got HIV they took Truvada In other cases, it could not be ruled out, because the patients had acquired the virus before taking the pill in AIDSmap's AIDS portal.

There are few exceptions among thousands of people who use PrEP. However, the treatment must be carried out with other prevention methods, such as condoms and periodic HIV tests.

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